Dr Plowman's Services for the Middle East

Middle East

Dr. Nick Plowman advises hospitals and clinics around the world and has deep experience in the Middle East. Dr. Plowman supports the in-country oncology leaders in the hospitals and clinics with:

  1. Second opinion service on patients.
  2. Advice and guidance on matters such as
  • Setting up or growing the oncology clinic.
  • Latest evidence based Chemotherapy protocols.
  • Genomics / genomically targeted therapy.
  • Predictive testing for therapies – e.g. immunotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy. Including cryotherapy, embolization, HIFU, nanoknife
  • Other focal ablation therapy for oligometastatic disease.
  • Targeted therapies.
  • Supportive therapies.
  • Predictive testing for ‘Smart’/genomically targeted/immunotherapy utility (from tumour biopsies or cell-free DNA analysis by NGS)
  • Surgery (In co-operation with the best London surgical teams for each discipline
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